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New Casino in Town, Happiest Place in The World

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Creating complex layouts never been easier! With the Premium Visual Composer specifically customized for PowerMag, it’s nothing but fun! Millions possibilities, no code,  no headaches.

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With the included shortcode generator, you have access to all Twitter Bootstrap elements, components, jQuery scripts in a single click, and without entering a single line of code. Amazing.

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[icon type=”icon-font” size=”36″ float=”right” color=”#808080″]PowerMag delivers retina version of the images when available and only when needed, all the graphics has a retina version included, plus with the integration of Font-Awesome icons, Twitter Bootstrap elements and the Custom Retina Social Icons, you’r website will look crisp and sharp on any device.

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Create any kind of slider wherever you want, tons of options available, maximum flexibility, minimum effort.

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